Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have been in a sort of funk lately, but I think its time to come on out of it. The funk is the result of my parents going through a divorce and the sloppiness associated with such. Good or bad, I am the type of person who tries to make sucky situations less bad, and that has pretty much had me knee deep in both sides of my parents issues. Being in that situation has taken some of the joy out of being me lately, but I know that it helps them and I can handle the burden. In all honesty, I enjoy taking on this load. It feels natural for me to try and help other people get through their problems. If I could be translated into a group of inanimate objects, one of those objects would be a cane or a crutch. I realize more and more that I have the ability to make weak people stronger. I don’t take joy in this role but it is satisfying if you can note that distinction. By the way, some of the other objects would be a bouncy ball, a mirror, and maybe a McLaren F1 supercar (ok that last one not so much).

Coming out of the funk means I will be more inspired to write. I am getting into that stage of focusing my energy towards goals and things, so I hope to do the same for my writing. I talked to my bestest bud about starting a forum on philosophy/government/logic that should, in theory, flesh out how our world views and opinions would affect the world as a whole. Well enough about this until the vision statement is written. Which I will work on right now…